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Indus valley trade system,

The findings clearly show that Harappan societies were well organized and very sanitary. The remains of the Indus Valley cities continue to be unearthed and interpreted today. This longer-distance trade was slow and often dangerous, but was lucrative for the middlemen willing to make the journey. Last Week: The indus valley trade system artifact uncovered in Harappa was a unique stone seal carved with a unicorn and an inscription. Take a look at this table provided by Greenhead College, which gives the basics and the historical evidence for each theory that explains the relationship between the Dravidians and the Aryans. It was this intensive devotion to craftsmanship and trade that allowed the Harappan culture to spread widely and prosper greatly. This copy of the Rig Veda was written after the Vedic Age. Harappa was, in fact, such a rich discovery that the Indus Valley Civilization is also called the Harappan civilization.

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How Ancient Trade Changed the World

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Trade and Technology of the Indus Valley

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Ancient India: Harappan Civilization: Trade, Polity, Religion for UPSC, IAS, CDS, NDA, CAPF,, KPSC,

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8a. Early Civilization in the Indus Valley

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Trade and Technology of the Indus Valley

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Early Civilization in the Indus Valley []

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  • Trade Routes Developed in the Indus Valley, Pakistan
  • Pottery, textiles, and beads are evidence of skilled craftsmanship and thriving trade.

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Harappan Culture

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