Working from home? Make sure you claim these expenses

What can you claim on taxes when you work from home. Tax Tips for Employees Who Work at Home - TurboTax Tax Tips & Videos

You can deduct long distance calls on your phone bill, but not other phone bill items unless it's a second line used for work only. HMRC says that you need to apportion the running costs of your home on a "fair what can you claim on taxes when you work from home reasonable" basis between the private element of that cost - the part that relates to you actually living there - and the business element. The flat rate method The flat rate method simply asks you to look at how many hours a month you spend running your business at home, on average, and include a fixed amount in your accounts for business use of home. This is due to your home no longer being fully exempt because an area is being used for business purposes. The Huffington Post explains this confusing policy: Keep in mind that if you work for a company that covers these expenses, you may not deduct them on your tax return. Some repair and maintenance costs can what can you claim on taxes when you work from home expensed — for example, if you renovate your home office. Here's how to work out how much you can claim? Telephone and broadband Remember that what you can claim for your telephone and broadband is not apportioned on the basis of the number of rooms in your home, but on what your actual usage of the line is.

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  • Work out proportionately how much time is spent doing business online, and divide your total internet bill accordingly.
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Tax Tips for Employees Who Work at Home

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Tax Tips for Employees Who Work at Home - TurboTax Tax Tips & Videos

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