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Moreover, the process of change needs to be implemented quickly before negative and hard to change assumptions get in the way of progress. The first aider should ensure their own hands are protected with neoprene rubber gloves of adequate strength when removing contaminated clothing and when applying this treatment. Everything was looking good in the beginning of One retailer that does this well is Red Dress Boutique. Are they open to spending more? Acid resistant clothing fitted with a hood should also be worn when the paste is applied over head. Where possible, contaminated clothing and equipment should be neutralised and cleaned prior to leaving the immediate work area. Skin contact Contaminated clothing should be removed and it is essential that the affected area is flooded with plenty of clean, cool water, for at least minutes. Realize that by nature it will be hard to look objectively at your failure.

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  • Personal protective equipment should be thoroughly cleaned with water after use and checked for wear such as pinholes or cuts in the gloves, especially in the fingertips.
  • General precautions The following precautions should be followed:
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